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How to use contracts?

The contracts system in Eve Online is a trading method that is unique to most of the MMO’s. It is both easy to use and multifunctional, but unfortunately, contracts are only available for players who have bought the game or used the PLEX – the players with trial account aren’t able to create and accept contracts.


You have the ability to use contracts if you want to put an item to an auction – this will allow other players to make bids and eventually buy the item that you’re selling. Also you’re able to buy find the auction contracts that will suit you. But beware – there are a lot of scammers who create contracts where they want to sell cheaper items for a bigger price simply by naming them incorrectly.


Another contract usage is item trading or selling. This contract has a simple goal – to buy and sell items for isks or trade them for other valuable items. Other contract type is a courier contract. It is used when you want to move your items to other locations, but you can’t do it by yourself. When the item is delivered to the right place the person who did the delivery will be simply awarded with isks.


To be able to send contracts you’ll have to have a full account. In addition to that you’ll have to train skills Contracting and Corporation Contracting to be able to use contracts effectively.


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