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• you buy in-game items at your own risk;
• your game account may be blocked as a consequence of buying ISK or other in-game items.
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  • Moel,

    Excellent service! Nice and fast.

  • Marcus,

    Excellent customer service and top notch delivery time! 10/10 Would buy again :-)

  • Michael baxter,

    I was extremely happy with the swiftness and the info given will definatly recommend you to my Eve buddies.

  • Odnis,

    Nice service and quick response. Really not more than 5 minutes. And friendly too^^

About us

Eve Online is one of the world's most popular games in its genre, thanks to stunning graphics, a truly unified game space (all the players, and there are tens of thousands of them, play along with each other on one same server), a realistic economic model and a very entertaining gameplay.


We at GamerOK have been captivated by this game like many other people, and after having gained knowledge and experience decided to establish this website to offer other players various goods related to Eve Online.


EVE was recognized the game of the year in 2008. Now people from all over the world play this game, communicating and interacting with each other, forming alliances based on some geographical, or linguistic principles as well as mixed international alliances and corps which is another charming feature of the game. The game is very interesting, but complex as well, and another notable aspect of Eve Online is that it requires time. Even very much time to succeed in the game. One way to save time on routine and progress faster is to invest some real money into this game – for instance, to buy eve items needed to fit a ship. Just like in the real world, in the in game universe anything can be bought for the in game currency. Generally, the economic model of Eve Online is very close to the real world one.


The in game currency in EVE is called eve isk. It is eve isk for what one can buy anything in the game - ships, modules, weapons and skill books. When player buy isk, they can instantly get any in game goods they need for playing, and this is usually done in order to not have to spend days/weeks/months of real life time to get a ship in game or an expensive module.


Regarding our website and our services – we unite professional and competent Eve Online players who are responsible for the technical part – in short they produce eve isk, a lot of isk that are available for sale. Basically you can buy any amount of eve online isk you may need here on our website. This is not some kind of mediation, we earn our eve online isk ourselves through a long work in the realm of Eve Online. So, on our website you can buy directly the in game stuff you need, not just the game currency. Implants, ships, characters, plex (Pilot's License EXtensions) - all available on the website.


Of course we honestly warn you that CCP, the developing company of Eve Online, does not allow buying and selling in game items for real world money. Actually all game developers do so. So you should be aware that buying any items from us violates the EULA — the game license.


Also we inform you that we make all possible to make any transaction through us safe and hardly traceble to protect your account, and still offer you a way to get what you need in game for having fun. The multifunctional free market economy in game allows various types of relations and interactions which also helps protect accounts.


So you can buy eve online isk as a means for further in game purchases, or can buy a ready certain ship or module. And it does not need months of monotonous actions, such as mining – as to buy eve online isk means instantly getting isk, and to buy eve ship is to immediately have powerful ships, and thus get to the most interesting part of the game.


You can even buy eve account and receive a ready character with trained skills (training them takes a lot of time), can buy playing time in the game Eve Online, or the so-called plex – a means to pay for your subscription. So whether you buy eve isk, buy eve account, buy eve-online isk, buy eve gtc, buy eve character, etc., you'll receive your orders easily safely and quickly in game.


Plex is an alternative to eve gtc – the latter allows you to pay for 2 months of playing, and the former – for 30 days which in some cases is what players need in terms of the amount of time. And the motive to prolong your subscription using our website is that whereever you look for to buy eve plex, you will hardly find a better prices than on our website. And our prices will definitely be better than the official ones.


We earn the items we sell by playing the game, so the safety of our own accounts is vert important to us. So you can always be confident in the reliability of the transactions with our characters. We sell everything in EVE: Online – from eve characters to eve items, from ready ships fitted with modules of your choice to implants – basically all that can be bought for eve isk, and the game currency itself. Sometimes money serves as a way of exchange - and it will be easier to buy something (buy eve item) directly on our site than having the needed amount of eve-online isk to search for an offer in game and buy items by yourself; and definitely buying from us you get fun and free time to enjoy the game.


When playing Eve Online, it is important to understand the correct balance of invested money (both real life and eve isk) and training skills (skills are trained during a period of real time). Without skills, it makes no sense to buy an expensive eve ship, because the player won't be able to even board it. And of course, there is a solution for this limitation – you can just buy eve account, which will provide you with a character who has all the skills you need already trained. Thus, on our website you can buy eve account, trained eve character, a good and fast eve ship – getting which yourself would require months and even years of training, as well as some expences for isk, plex for the extension of game time and different useful eve items, while some of the actions required for training a character are fairly boring. So by buying a ready eve character - you will immediately plunge into the most interesting in the game, along with experienced players. So if you strive to be a mothership pilot and represend a threat to many other players, a trained eve character is what you need.


By using our website, you can have all the huge universe of Eve Online open. You can fight equally along with other players in large-scale space battles, can explore the space or craft items by yourself (like we do), and even continue to make eve online isk by yourself having good starting positions with a skilled character, for instance, as having many skills trained usually means to have good profits in game.


For some people, such time saving and the oppportunites opened is definitely worth the money spent on our site to buy plex and eve ship of the appropriate level and to supply their character with the necessary amount of isk.