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What You Ought to Know about Standings

 A lot of game features are affected by standings. At the lowest level, standing controls your access to agents. Moreover, standing affects a pilot’s access to a variety of things: their access to jump clones, amount of minerals spent on refinements, their capability of anchoring Player-Owned Structures within Empire space, and a lot of costs, such as research costs, factory costs, and sales taxes.


Besides, if your standing with a fracture is -5.0, you risk being attacked by their navies on the entrance into their space. You may check the standings of your agent, corporation, or faction through the “Disliked By” and “Liked By” tabs located under your “Standings” section on the character sheet. Availability of an agent depends on your faction and corporation standings. Each agent requires having a particular standing to work for them. You can find the standings you require for a certain agent under “Mission services” under their “Agent info” tab.


There are three standing levels. The more prevalent a standing is, the harder it increases:


  • Agent: these standings work for single agents. Each time you complete a mission, you get personal standings with the agent you worked for.

  • Corporation: these are your personal NPC corporation standings and not your own corporation’s standings. Corporations have many agents and by increasing your standings with them you will access more of their agents. You can improve these through missions.

  • Faction: these standings are the most general, yet the hardest to improve. Every faction includes many corporations, so if you improve your standings with them, you will get access to all of their corporations. Faction standings can only be improved in storyline, Epic Arc, or Cosmos missions.


You can see it’s much more advantageous to have good faction standings, since you can access all corporations and agents of a faction by improving them.


Due to “corporation-wide” standings’ structure, many players forget about the personal standings of agents toward you. You may improve these with a certain agent quite fast by joining in with someone, who has access to that agent and who wants to share their mission rewards. This way, you don’t need to go through missions of 2nd and 3rd level for a corporation to get access to an agent. However, this only works for a particular agent and not for all corporation’s agents.


By Gamerok - eve online isk

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