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Types of Missions in EVE Online



Security agents offer kill missions (aka encounter missions). These demand ship captains flying to a location and destroy the structures or ships in there. At the time, there are two kinds of kill missions: those, where you get to a certain engagement straight ahead, and those situated in deadspace pockets, where you first need to get to an acceleration gate before facing the NPCs.




Distribution agents offer trade and courier missions.


Trade missions require a pilot to supply the agent with the goods demanded in the briefing of the mission. They have to be bought/produced by the pilot and then brought to the destination station on time.


Courier missions demand moving freight from station to station. They can be common market goods or particular sealed cargoes. You may have to make several deliveries throughout numerous systems, employing an industrial transportation ship. However, the delivery can fit into a frigate and only entail a quick run to the nearby system. Level 2 distribution missions require ships to have up to 440 mof cargo room. Level 3 distribution missions require having up to 4,200 m3. Level 4 distribution missions require having up to 8,000 m3 of cargo space.




Mining missions include the delivery of ore or minerals to a particular location. These can either be bought on the open market or mined and improved directly by the pilot.


Research Agents


Research agents supply research points, which can be bought out for data cores. Completing missions for these agents increases the research point payments for a short time frame.


Special Missions


  • Storyline missions: You will be offered a storyline mission after completing every 16 regular missions. They are pretty much like regular missions, but they have a great impact on your corporation and faction standings. You can complete the primary 16 missions for any agent, if these agents are at the same level and are aligned with the same faction. The amount of missions isn’t reset or changed, if you reject or fail a mission accepted.

  • Cosmos missions: Most of these missions can only be run once, but they have unique rewards and essentially boost one’s standings. Nevertheless, pilots must find Cosmos agents in complexes to get such offers.

  • Epic Arc missions: These missions are a series of related missions that have choices for players. These choices define the conclusion of the Epic Arc. Epic Arc missions as well provide an essential increase to your faction standing.

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