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Tips on Modifying Your Standings

 When completing a mission, you receive a regular standing raise that depends on the mission’s difficulty. This base figure is employed to count the corporation and agent standing increase and is updated by the height of your “Social” skill level.


To see the precise increase, go to your character sheet and browse the “Liked By” tab in the “Standings” section. When in there, right-click on the faction or corporation you want to review and choose “Show Transactions.” The corporation and agent standing increases are stated in percentage. This isn’t just added to your present standing, but defines the change between your present standing and the highest or lowest standing available.


You’ll lose corporation and agent standings, if you won’t complete a mission or run it over time. You’ll as well lose standings, if you turn down more than one mission in four hours. Thus, always make certain that you can reject an assignment, or you will lose more, than some ISK or a fight.


When completing storyline missions, you get standing points to the corporation and faction of the storyline agent. Also, you get standing points to other factions that are friendly to your primary faction and will lose standing points to factions that are enemies to the primary one.


Although the standing increase to the primary faction continues rising as long as you’re completing their missions, the effect on hostile and friendly faction standings is restricted by their standings towards your primary faction.


Here are some approximate formulas on how you can manually guess the raw standing modifications:


  • Standing increase:

New Standings = Current Standings + (10 – Current Standings) x (Modification %/100)

  • Standing decrease:

New Standings = Current Standings – Current Standings x (Modification %/100)


Current Standings here is the agent, corporation, or faction standings before they are modified and Modification % are the raw figure in your “Show Transactions” tab. These formulas aren’t precise. Standing modification calculations also include other parameters, such as skills.


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