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Tips for developing skills in Eve

Eve Online is a unique MMO that tries to stay different among other games because of its key gameplay elements. Skill system is this kind of element that helps Eve stay that way. First of all, you don’t have to stay online to increase skill points. Skills are trained passively – all you have to do is to buy a particular skill and inject it in a training queue and you’ll see how much time it is left for this skill to be trained to a certain level. You don’t have to destroy ships, mine and etc. to train them – all you have to do is to check this queue from time to time and add new skill.


Some skills take minutes to train, others – days or even more so it is always good to know for sure what exact skills do you want to train – you don’t want to loose your gaming time because you’ve trained skills that you won’t use. And don’t forget – you can train only one skill at a time and for only one of your characters from your account.


There is no skill cap in the game. This means that you can train your character for years and still have the ability to train new ones and to develop the skills that you already have. Also make sure before you train new skills that you have all the skills required for this new one. These are the basic tips but they will help you make correct decisions and develop the way you want.


By Gamerok - eve online isk

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