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Races in Eve Online - The Minmatars

The Minmatars are a tough, serious and no-jokes race, they are independent people counting on themselves only. The home of the Minmatars - planet Matar - is a beautiful place in the universe, despite the fact that many centuries of abuse have negatively affected the its beauty.

For the Minmatar people, one of the most important principles in life is to be able to take care of yourself on your own, and while their kin and families are a significant part in their society, they rather identify themselves by the tribe or clan of which they are part of. A Minmatar clan can consist of any number of people, the size of a clan is in a very large part determined by the kind and purpose of the clan members' activity. In most cases a clan specializes in one sort of acitivity. Some Minmatars live on planets and focus on industry or agricultural acitivity, some choose to travel through the Universe and do trading, hauling or pirating.

The Minmatars used to be a divded society with clan wars, however this was long ago and the understanding of the importance of cooperation had come to the Minmatars as well. Their clans still prefer to maintain their ideological, regional and clan identity and uniqueness, but they do act as one when dealing with other races.

The fate of the Minmatars have flowed and fluctuated. At a time their empire was flourishing and prospering, their technologies and mechanical excellence were unmet and unparalleled. Later they were enslaved and remain in the status of servants for centuries, working and dying for their masters. And today most of the Minmatars have gained souvereignity and freedom for themselves and their land.

It may come as a surprise, but the Minmatars are the largest race in terms of their numbers in New Eden, though divided into many factions. Another peculiarity of the Minmatars is that their official state is the Minmatar Republic, but only 25% of all racial Minmatars are part of it. 1/5 of the Minmatars reside in the Gallente Federation, and about 30% are still enslaved and reside on the lands of the territorially huge Amarr Empire. The remaining part of the Minmatars who do not enter any formal socio-political structure live as freemen throughout the universe, constantly travelling in search for work. And finally, the Minmatars are also known as pirates as a fair part of them live by breaking the law, smuggling and peddling all sorts of illegal and prohibited goods, fairly many of the largest criminal groups in Eve were started and run by Minmatars.

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