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Is is safe to buy isks?

Will I get banned? Is it safe to buy isks? Will I have problems when buying from you? Most of the clients that buy isks from isk shops usually are very concerned about safety and there’s a reason for it. It’s quite simple - the only 100% safe way to buy isks is to get them through PLEX from CCP. But if you’re looking for something not that overpriced like CCP’s PLEXes and still want to buy isks from a relatively safe site our article will definitely ne quite useful.
There are several types of isk shops and if you want to buy the safest is there is you’ll have to understand the difference between them. It’s very important to mention that if you buy isks from the safest website you still have a small risk of being caught and losing the isks. But the most professional services will be able to compensate your losses and still will try to solve all the problems and satisfy your needs. Such sites usually have good support that will be able to understand you and provide you all the needed info. Besides that these kind of services try to care about returning customers and have different bonus programs and etc. Only the most competitive ones survive so they try to modify their delivery methods each time the previous ones appear to be bad. So if you see that a site has professional support,bonuses and a good reputation (from one of your friends or etc) that you could definately trust this site. 
Also there are a lot of websites that offer mediocre or bad support, but usually have cheap prices. Besides this advantage there’s always a risk of bad communication with the support, misunderstanding and in some cases there’s a chance of being forgotten about at all. If you get into trouble you will definately not be compensated and the serice will have lower security measures to the chances of being caught are higher. These kind of sites usually have bad quality website design and the support with bad language skills. So if you plan to buy isks from them be prepared to be disappointed. 
And at last there are scam sites that don’t actually work or have no service at all. There’s usually no site support and no one will deliver your orders if you actually pay. Their prices are usually out of date so be sure to check if their customer support is actually working. If not - avoid them. Paying to these kind of services means wasting your money on something that you won’t receive. 
By Gamerok - buy isk
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