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Drone types:Part I

There are numerous drones in Eve Online and they can be used in many ways by pilots with right vessel and the amount of skills. There are many drone categories and their main functions are: combat, electronic warfare, combat utility and for mining. Also there are different drones for every race. For example, the Caldari drones are specialized in kinetic damage but Minmatar do explosive damage.

The most popular type is the combat drone and it is designed specially to deal damage. There are light scout drones that are the fastest drones among others, but deal less damage and are vulnerable if attacked. They are perfect for small ships like frigates, destroyers and etc. The medium scout drones are more powerful and are perfect for battlecruisers, but they’re not so good against other vessels.

The biggest drones are the heavy attack drones. They are slower than other but deal a lot of damage and are used to take out large ships. Sentry drones have the role of snipers and cannot move from their position as they are used to fire from one position, where they’re deployed. The figher drones can be used only by motherships and are able to warp and follow their enemies. They are great for attacking battleships and other larger vessels and have two types of damage.

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