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Creodron surprised many by their quick conception of the Anshar, a stark diversification from their usual drone centric ship designs. The Anshar's specially-developed cargo-manipulation drones allowed Creodron to optimize their loading algorithms and fully utilize every nook and cranny of the ship's spacious interior, ensuring it more than holds its own amongst its peers.

Developer : CreoDron

As the largest drone developer and manufacturer in space, CreoDron has a vested interest in drone carriers but has recently began to expand their design focus and employ drone techniques on whole other levels which has lead some to question where this leap in technology came from.

Gallente Freighter Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to cargo hold capacity and 5% bonus to agility per level
Jump Freighters Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to shield, armor and hull hitpoints and 10% reduction in jump fuel need per level

Цена: 72.12 $

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